Ringback Tones (Tigo Beatz)


TIGO BEATZ!! It's the tune that a customer hears when calling a Tigo number instead of the boring traditional ring ring sound!!

It's simple; you can get the Tigo Beatz through any of the following 3 easy ways

1. IVR - you can dial 15050 or 15007 anytime to listen, buy and arrange your Tigo Beatz. 

2. Star (*) copy - you can copy any Tigo Beatz you like by pressing star whenever you hear it when calling your fellow Tigo subscriber.

3. You can also send an SMS of the Tigo Beatz code for the tune you like to 15050; e.g. to get the song Nidanganye by Shetta ft. Diamond send HE to 15050.

The charges for the service are:

1. Calling IVR through 15007 or 15050 is Tsh50 for every 5 minutes
2. Downloading costs 150Tsh for any number of songs per week
3. NO Daily fee
4. To unsubscribe from Tigo Beatz service you send the word "ONDOA" or "STOP" to 15007 or 15050. Or dial 15050 or 15007 and follow instructions on how to unsubscribe.