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VOICE AND SMS • All Packages

VOICE AND SMS • All Packages

1 [ Mini Kabang ] What are the benefits of mini kabang?

Benifits are:

  • 20 mins
  • 100 sms
  • 8mb 

2 [ Mini Kabang ] What is the validity of mini Kabang?




1 [ Postpaid ] What are the requirements for joining Postpaid?


  • Certified copy of the National ID, Passport (or equivalent acceptable identification)
  • Certified copy of residence/work permit for non-citizens
  • Physical address
  • Letters from two references with their contact details
    (existing Tigo Postpaid subscriber, Advocate, Banker or Employer)
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months
  • Security deposit on the requested Plan
  • Sign a contract form for 18 months or 24 months depending on the Plan

  Government, Government Agencies and Embassies

  • Letter requesting for the services from relevant authority
  • Government-/Embassy-issued ID for the contact person
  • Physical address (must be verified)
  • Security deposit on the requested Plan

  Business (Corporate, NGOs, SMEs, Sole Traders and Unincorporated Entities)

  • Copy of Business License
  • Copy of VAT & TIN Registration
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Company letterhead with full names and signatures of the company's signatories
  • Certified copy of passport and residence permit of signatories
  • Security deposit on the requested Plan
  • Physical address (must be verified)
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months
2 [ Postpaid ] Can I change my account from Postpaid to Prepaid?

Yes, you can make the changes and vice versa; however the change requests are subject to existing Tigo's Terms and Conditions.

3 [ Postpaid ] How do I get activated on Postpaid?

You just need to visit any of our Shops with all the requirements and will fill out an application form for activation. Corporate activations will require visits by the corporate team before activation.

4 [ Postpaid ] Who can apply for Postpaid?

It is open to all the prepaid customers and new customers wanting to join Postpaid services.

5 [ Postpaid ] How long is the contract period?

The contract is between 18months and 24months depending on the Plan and can be renewed.

6 [ Postpaid ] How fast can I get my account activated?

The account is activated as soon as all the required documents have been submitted and the application form has been filled.

7 [ Postpaid ] Who can I contact in case of any query about my account?

You should call our Call Centre number 100; we have dedicated team to serve you anytime.

8 [ Postpaid ] How do I get my monthly bills?

You are required to provide an e-mail address while filling the application form through which your bills will be sent every month.

9 [ Postpaid ] Where can I pay my bills?

You can visit any of our Shops for bill payment.

10 [ Postpaid ] Can I pay my bills through bank deposit/transfer or Tigo Pesa?

Yes, you can pay the bills via Tigo Pesa using Wakala code 13263 if you are registered with Tigo Pesa as well as Direct Bank deposits.

11 [ Postpaid ] Can I pay my bills in advance?

Yes you can make advance payment that will be deposited in your account.

12 [ Postpaid ] Can I use my current number on Postpaid?

Yes, the same existing prepaid number can be used on Postpaid and you can as well get the same number from a different provider with a new Tigo code.



1 [ Zoop Payments ] What is the service about?

This service provide a solution for  solving the problem of bureaucracy in the payment of school fees which includes collection process and keeping records. The payment is done via  through tigopesa.

2 [ Zoop Payments ] English Menu

Dial *150*01# to get your Tigo Pesa Menu Select 4 for “Payment” on your Tigo Pesa Menu Select 3 for “Look up” Choose for “Education Service” and get Zoop Choose 1 and enter your reference number (It depends with the school and Zoop agreement) Enter amount you wish to pay Enter your Pin, and you will receive a confirmation message from Tigo Pesa.

3 [ Zoop Payments ] What is Zoop Company?

Zoop Tanzania Company Limited is the one of participant in engaging an agreement with education institution in Tanzania to facilitate the payment of school fees through TigoPesa. The company has helped many schools such as Eagle Boys Secondary School , Heritage English Medium , Mango School etc.

4 [ Zoop Payments ] How do I get the ID card for the payments?

The ID card is given at school. It can be student school ID or any ID depending on the agreement between the particular school and Zoop.

5 [ Zoop Payments ] What is the reference number “( is it student registration number?)

Reference number depends with the  particular school and Zoop agreement.

6 [ Zoop Payments ] Kiswahili Menu
Bonyeza *150*01# 
Bonyeza 4 – “Malipo 
Bonyeza 3 – “Kupata majina ya kampuni”
Bonyeza 1- “Huduma ya Elimu”
Bonyeza 1 – “Zoop-Education”
Bonyeza 1- Namba ya kumbukumbu ya malipo
Ingiza Kiasi
Ingiza namba yako ya siri kuhakiki, utapata ujumbe kutoka kwa Tigo
Note; Namba ya kumbukumbu ni kitambulisho rejea cha mwanafunzi ambacho kimetengenezwa mahususi kwa ajili ya mwanao (Hiki atapewa mzazi na shule).


1 [ Facebook with USSD ] What are the charges?

1. Daily Package Tsh. 99 only 

2. Weekly charges Tsh. 399 only

2 [ Facebook with USSD ] How do I unsubscribe the service?

Dial * 148*01*4*02#

Choose 00 to continue

Press *account setting

Then 1 to unsubscribe

3 [ Megaboksi ] What is new on these packages?

I.             Good data volume at affordable rates

II.            Night data package that allows a customer to use at night between 11pm to 5am in 2 nights

III.           Subscription can be anytime of the day

IV.           Can be used in any mobile internet device

V.            Our POS (Point Of Sale) can now sell data packages, with upfront commission as seen above

VI.           Balance Check is through *102*02#

4 [ Megaboksi ] How do I subscribe to Megaboksi packages

Dial *148*00 #


THEN Select number 1 under "AINA YA KIFURUSHI" for the Package you prefer.

5 [ 4G LTE ] What is 4G LTE?

4G or LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a new network with high speed and higher quality internet. With 4G internet, you will have a more stable connection to the internet and get rid of the frustration of the internet buffering.

6 [ 4G LTE ] What can 4G do better than 3G?

·         4G has more applications that can be used on mobile devices without hiccups.

·         Faster real-time file sharing of large files and streaming media.

·         Near-immediate delivery of time-sensitive data, such as for real-time interaction or transactions.

7 [ 4G LTE ] How can I start using the 4G?

You will need to be in 4G/LTE  coverage area, 4G/LTE SIM card, Compatible device and have a 4G/LTE internet bundle in order to enjoy the service

8 [ Facebook with USSD ] What is Facebook USSD?

Is a service with unique for mobile networks that supports high-speed real-time information exchange between subscriber and service application.

9 [ Facebook with USSD ] How do I connect on Facebook USSD service?

i.    Dial *148*01# select Be Amused (Burudika) category then select Facebook to register

ii.   A subscriber will be required to enter Facebook username example: email or phone number

iii.  Also to enter password as to log in on his Facebook page on his phone

iv.   Welcome to Facebook

a.       New feeds

b.      Update Status

c.       Post on wall

d.      Friend request

e.       Messages

f.       Notifications

g.      Account Setting