Tigo Maps

Tigo Maps

Whenever you have a network problem you can use Tigo Maps to tell us your location and the kind of problem you are experiencing. This information will help us serve you better.

What Is Tigo Maps?

Tigo Maps is an application that allows subscribers on the Tigo Tanzania Mobile Network to pin point when and where a network problem has occurred. The application is integrated into our Facebook Page  as well as a microsite and both desktop and cellular users can easily access it and log in.

How Does It Work?

It’s very easy to use Tigo Maps. Once you log in through the Facebook Page Tab or a direct link to the application, all you need to do is follow simple instructions that will help you zoom into the area where you are experiencing a network problem and click on the icon that corresponds to the problem and then confirm. 

You are then required to enter your details that include name, mobile number, email address as well as the time when the problem occurred. Once you submit this information you will receive an SMS asking you to confirm the report.
To go to Tigo Maps, click here