Reach for change 2012

Tigo Reach for Change Initiative

Tigo Reach for Change initiative identifies and supports social entrepreneurs across Africa who have; a strong desire to promote children’s rights, an innovative idea to change the world for children, passion and the drive to create this change. They are given salary funding and coaching in our Incubator model, and are matched with advisors and experts from Tigo to help change leaders to develop and scale up their idea.  

The journey of selecting the strongest social entrepreneurs in Tanzania started in September 2012 where through call to action almost 3000 people expressed their interest and 1000 submitted their applications. With the support from Tigo employees all these applications were screened against the selection criteria which were basically on social entrepreneur and idea submitted. The selection process was very intensive and transparent to make sure we get the best idea on the right individual whose passion is to make life better for children. For this reason different Tanzanian local experts in the field of child rights were involved in the review of the social entrepreneur’s business plan to get 15 who were interviewed by the panel of Tigo and Reach for Change team.

In December 2012, the entire Tigo and Reach for Change team was excited to announce the following 3 great social entrepreneurs who will join the network of other Change Leaders in Africa where Tigo operates.  

Brenda Deborah Shuma – Empower children with disabilities with vocational skills

Children with disabilities belong to one of the most vulnerable groups in Tanzania. They are often segregated from the rest of society and other children, they are denied their right to education, and they are deprived of a chance of creating a fruitful future for themselves. Brenda Deborah Shuma is working to address this problem by empowering these children with the vocational skills they need to generate income and build a future for themselves.

Nyabange Chirimi – Mobile classes for street children

The number of street children in Tanzania is high and increasing. They live on the streets without access to basic needs such as food, shelter and education. Nyabange Chirimi is working to bring street children into the formal education system to respect their right to education and a future. Nyabange does this by providing education where the children are and in a way that is adapted to fit their specific needs and requirements. The children then get support and testing so that they can transfer into the formal education system.

Thadei Msumanje – Improving learning through ICT

Few children in rural Tanzania have access to ICT which increases the rural-urban digital divide within the country. Thadei Msumanje wants to address this problem by bringing ICT to children in the rural communities. He will integrate the ICT learning within learning structures such as kindergartens to make sure that the benefits of ICT for learning processes are available to children in Tanzania, including children in remote rural areas.

With the above projects, it is evident that many lives will be impacted however right tools and support is heavily required. All these comes through our Incubator program where Change Leaders will be receiving business support to develop, scale and sustain their ventures for up to three years. After objective setting the Change leaders will be matched with 2-3 advisors and experts from Tigo to help them develop and scale up their projects.